How Much Food Should I Feed My Hamster?

Normally, humans always love to have pets as their best companion in their life and they tend to grow pets of their desired choice. When people look for pet options, most of the people would go with dogs, kitties or even with rabbits. In addition with these animal lists, people are showing more interest to grow hamsters next to dogs.

The hamster pets are little creature that are cute in vision with little feet roam around garden and open space. These small animals always be an best playing companion to people however these pets are fun filled it is necessary to feed them in proper way to maintain their health in good condition. When it comes to hamster dieting there are several healthy food sources are ready available to feed your pets. In case, if you wish to feed your hamster pets with homemade foods then it is necessary to aware what are best foods for hamsters? How much quantity of food should feed to your pet hamster all such things are essential factors in pet grow.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Hamster?

How to choose best healthy foods for your hamster pets?

All pets would show eager to have more foods that too especially hamster pets would love to eat lots of foods. So, it is necessary to choose the best healthy foods for your hamster pet. If you are looking for hamster food diet, it is always better to feed them with healthy foods that are most liked by them. Each pet animals have their own choices of food selection likewise even hamster has their choice of foods. Mostly hamster pets are always a starving little creature so it is entirely pet owner responsibility to feed them with better natural foods. By hearing this most of the people would be in confusion what food items should feed to their hamster pets and get involved in search for healthy foods. To make the searching process simple enough here are some of natural food items listed below.

  • Fruits
  • Broccoli
  • Carrot
  • Cauliflower
  • tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Cherries
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Raspberries
  • grapes
  • Peaches
  • cantaloupe
  • mango
  • Bok choy

Thus all above food items are natural and they can present safe for hamster pet natural diet if they are feed in right way.

Is it safe to feed raw vegetables and fruits to hamster pets?

How Much Food Should I Feed My Hamster?

Many people can think all these food items in the list are natural fruits and vegetables, it would not affect the pet much. But in reality even there are cases even vegetables may lead your hamster pet sick. The best example would be sweet potatoes, when you feed your hamster pet with sweet potatoes then make sure that you are peeled off their skin and finely mashed them. Only then it would not hurt your pet’s digestion system it is mainly because the digestion system of the hamster is sensitive and small so it can only eat two teaspoon of the food in single time.

Can hamster feed with additional foods?

In addition with these food lists people can also feed some additional food items such as boiled eggs either as full or by smashing them. When you decide to feed unripe tomatoes then you can feed them along with their stem and leaves as hamster loves to raw vegetables enriched with high nutrients. It is not possible to feed your pets only with vegetable and fruits similarly hamster pets also need to be feed with meats. when it said to feed the pets with meats it should be done in occasionally that too without any seasoning toppings like garlic, ginger and spicy ingredients. It is because all these spicy stuff affect the hamster digestion system, liver and lungs too that makes their health worse and dead.

What food items should not feed to your hamster pets?

You may generally surprise to learn that the several foods are considered widely to be healthy for some people and other pet animals where as some would be of potentially toxic to the hamsters. Since the hamsters will sample anything and it is really important not to give your little hamster free access to your garbage can, kitchen countertops and other areas of your home where the food is being stored, eaten or prepared. The following are some foods that you should avoid feeding your hamster, that includes.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Hamster?

The leafy green parts of the tomato because these tomato parts are so toxic to the hamsters as they can be fatal

  • Meats are high in fat
  • Junk food like fried chips etc
  • Peppers, garlic, onions where these vegetables can cause the stomach irritation
  • All kinds of citric fruits can be too acidic to the hamsters
  • Potatoes and beans can lead to diarrhea and it makes serious health issue.
  • Almonds, some kinds of the almonds nut skin ma contain naturally occurring acids that are very harmful one to your little hamsters.


In order to keep your hamster healthy then just you need to avoid feeding above items. In which you can also purchase the hamster feeding guide to help you to provide the required nutrition to your pet. Some of e best hamster healthy food treats and the food which you should avoid feeding to your pet so that your little hamster will be getting balanced diet will certainly keep your small pet healthy and happy.

A good hamster food item must be of food mix where this is an essential part of the hamster care and it is also important to find a reliable brand of hamster food item that provides a healthy blend of foods. Most of the hamster foods available in the market are formulated one for a Syrian hamster. If you are finding the best foods for hamsters on online stores, then you need to consider the brand and need to check it contains organic food ingredients with it or not.